Customer Reviews

  • I love my booty sculptor!!

    I love working out in my booty sculptor it makes me sweat so much more. Every work out feels so complete!!!

    Roshandra K.
  • Love my Vivid Bandana Set

    I purchased the entire outfit and overall it is the most comfortable and cutest workout gear I own. This can be worn also as a dress up outfit. Amazing Amazing fit!

    Lashonda Phillips
  • I love it

    It’s the best I’ve been waiting to order something like this it’s working the areas that I need it too 🥰🥰

    Vivian R.
  • Wow

    I recently just began using the Van Esther Booty Sculptor and man I love this thing. It makes me sweat and my booty is looking very nice so far. I highly recommend you all to purchase one. Shipping was extremely fast also!!

    Ameka B.
  • Must Have!

    Great product and customer service! Highly recommend!

    Tameka H.
  • Love it!

    This waist trainer is light yet it holds you in firmly! I have spent money on other waist trainers but I prefer this one because it’s snug yet I don’t feel restricted. I see that I release more sweat when working out with it on. Love it!

    Cathy Simpson-Bell